Today Summer Programs at Cary Academy experienced our first Wacky Tacky Wednesday of the summer! It was a super day filled with campers dressed as their favorite comic book and movie heroes. We saw a variety of characters from Supermen and Superwomen with bright red capes, to Thors with horned helmets and giant Styrofoam hammers. The day began as usual with our morning assembly, but something was different about today. The music that played was orchestral and evoked a sense of urgency. When all of the heroes were finally gathered into the SEA gym, it was clear that today they would be summoned to use their awesome super powers. Once assigned their mission (To be the best campers that they could possibly be and to only use their skills and talents for good), the heroes left for their various camps ready to battle the heat on the tennis courts, build an amazing fort in Minecraft, draw with an immense about of depth, construct an amazing Lego® structure or fashion chic outfits for their American Girl Dolls.

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