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Reason #4: Camp Spirit

One of the biggest reasons we love our summers at Cary Academy is the tons of camp spirit we have here! From Wacky Tacky Wednesdays to Tie Dye Fridays to cheers at morning and closing assemblies, there’s always a lot of energy on campus.

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Reason #7: Assemblies

Reason #7 we love our summers at Cary Academy is our big and spirited assemblies we have at the beginning and end of each camp day. It’s a great chance to catch up with your friends and get all the information you need for the day or to reflect on all the cool things...

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Reason #6: Cool Counselors

Reason #6 we love our summers at Cary Academy is our awesome counselors and staff. Some of our staff attended summer programs at Cary Academy as campers and now help out in the summer as counselors! Our counselors and staff love to help out and show their camp spirit...

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Reason #8: New Experiences

Camp is a great time to get to try out new things you would have never thought of doing before with all of the new friends you’ve made! One of our favorite parts of camp is getting to have a bunch of new experiences in a fun and energetic environment.

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Reason #9: New Friends

One of the best parts of camp is getting to meet a ton of new kids your age. Some would argue the best part of camp is getting to see the faces of your camp friends every morning! That's why new friends is reason #9 why we love our summer at Cary Academy.

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Super Wacky Tacky Wednesday!

Today Summer Programs at Cary Academy experienced our first Wacky Tacky Wednesday of the summer! It was a super day filled with campers dressed as their favorite comic book and movie heroes. We saw a variety of characters from Supermen and Superwomen with bright red...

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Reason #12: Unique Camps

The first reason we love Summer Programs at Cary Academy is the variety and uniqueness we offer with our camps. Where else can you launch a bottle rocket, program a robot, sing your heart out and design clothes for your closest doll friend all in one day?!

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