We hope our Summer Quest families are getting excited about the start of Summer Quest 2012. In fact, our staff and volunteers participated in their annual staff training to prepare for camps that start on June 18. After playing a few games to learn more about each other, we were treated to a delicious dinner catered by Moe’s. However, clearly the highlight of the evening was a visit from our friends at Flow Circus, Paul Miller and Dawn Daria.

Using the “Chatter Rings”

Paul and Dawn work regularly with fun instruments called “skill toys”, like the diablo (similar to a Chinese yo-yo) and a balero (similar to the popular ball-in-cup string toy.) Through their Skill Toy Workshop, they showed us how to perform with these cool tools, how to incorporate them in our extended care program, gave us time to practice and master them. We had a great time learning with each of the toys (even the ones we had trouble with- I’m looking at you, spinning plates.) On the bright side, we’ll have all summer to work with campers on mastering these tricks and maybe teaching some tricks too.

Later, our volunteers participated in their own training session, which kicked off with an adventurous trip that had a “rocky” start, but was so much fun! Can you guess what it is…? Check back later this week to find out!

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