Three weeks ago on May 16th, the summer staff of Summer Programs at CA gathered for a day filled with fun, food and lots and lots of information.

The day started on campus with a quick head shot photo shoot by My Friend Teresa Studios. Although modeling experience was not listed as a prerequisite for working for Summer Programs at CA, we suspect that some staff members are no strangers to the camera as there was a wide variety of poses and vogue faces made. The group then transitioned to the lecture hall where they sang happy birthday to AJ Ingalls, ate donuts and went over anything they could possibly have to know for summer.

With newly gained information and “I love my summers at CA” sunglasses in hand, the group made their way to Lake Crabtree for the afternoon. Once there, the intrepid bunch was challenged by Sheila to a kite building competition while their feast of hamburgers and hot dogs was being prepared. Taking a quick break to refuel, the summer staff crew spent the rest of the afternoon testing out their kite creations, taking selfies in canoes on Lake Crabtree and just bonding with each other.

They’re all looking forward to reuniting for the first day of camp!

holding kite
building kite

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