Sewing Camp, Cary N.C.

Cary Academy offers a sewing camp in Cary, NC.  This week the campers in“Sew You: Sewing and Quilting”, got to visit our local friends at Carolina Sew N Vac, to learn more sewing machine equipment, and about different types of stitching and patterns. Ms Kim and her staff were the perfect host, and were able to show our campers different models of machines, named Babylocks, all having different types of functions: sewing, embroidery, serger, and quilting.  The campers started by observing different types of stitching on the Babylock machine known as “Rachel”, who had 50 pre-programmed versions of patterns.

Campers were then shown how to produce different types of seams, and how to determine which type should be used on certain products.

Sewing Camp Cary Academy
Sewing Camp Cary Academy





Next, campers selected a pattern to be the basis of their finished product. Then they worked with “Desinty”, who is an embroidery-specific Babylock.
Campers watched in amazement as Ms. Kim whipped up a custom zippered bag, with an inlay embroidered flower pattern in just a few minutes.  It was amazing to see how fast she could work the machines, line up the patterns, and produce a final project.

Photo Jun 29, 10 36 21 AM
Photo Jun 29, 10 23 18 AM
Photo Jun 29, 10 22 19 AM
Photo Jun 29, 10 58 51 AM

Photo Jun 29, 10 34 25 AM
Photo Jun 29, 11 13 02 AM

Through out the week campers will take hundreds of pieces of fabric and a rainbow of colored threat to create a scarf, a poncho, a bandana, or a quilt – whatever they can imagine!  They have been learning basic hand stitching and using the sewing machines on campus to create their special projects.  Everyone in the camp is excited to put their skills to good use making small quilts and blankets that will be donated to a local hospital at the end of the week.  From novice to experienced, this sewing camp in Cary, NC has something for everyone.

Cary Academy also has an entire array of other camp offerings, from creative and performing arts, to athletics, to science and technology, in half day programs and full day programs. View the latest camp offerings and availability online at  Registration closes the week before the camp week, on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

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