Many of the hit songs you hear on the radio took months- or even years- to produce. From hiring musicians, to booking studio space, to countless edits… just one song takes some serious effort to bring from an idea to a finished track. But the musicians in Music Producer camp created their own songs in just a week.

To start, campers shared their expectations for the role of music producer. They learned that being a producer involves a widely ranging skill set, including booking, recording, engineering and even some financial aspects of the music business.

Garage Band is one of the programs campers used to produce their music

Of course, much of those responsibilities mean working with technology. This week, campers used a variety of programs to build their tracks. Noteflight allows users to compose their own music and hear it played by a wide range of instruments. That site also lets musicians see popular songs translated into sheet music form, ready for personalizing. Another software called Audacity provides tools that allow editors to change the rhythm, timing and other aspects of the track. Most campers this week preferred using a system called Soundtrap. There, musicians can build a song from scratch and export the finished project into a file that’s easy to share or save.

Campers used Cary Academy’s studio to record their original tracks

After becoming familiar with all those programs and more, campers got to work on their own original pieces. They were able to use Cary Academy’s recording studio to produce their own content. The studio includes different spaces for recording and sound mastering, where the artist and producer can communicate using a microphone and headphones. The recording session involved some singing and instruments, including a saxophone.

Campers all held a role in the recording process

Campers combined those recorded tracks with other backing tracks created using software. At the end of the week, they shared their finished pieces at an album release party. Family and friends came to hear not just one, but several songs each camper wrote, recorded and edited in just a week. Most campers even said they’ll continue using the software at home to keep creating their own music.

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