All of the campers at Cary Academy Summer Programs are talented in different ways, and Friday they got a chance to show off their skills on stage!

Each morning and afternoon, campers gather at an assembly to get ready for the day, or wind down before carpool. The assembly often includes music and dancing, and even some campers choreographing their own routines. That creativity led to the idea to host our own talent show!

One or two campers initially asked about the show through the week, but by Friday more than a dozen lined up to go on stage.

Singing a classic by Earth Wind & Fire

Solving a Rubik’s Cube on stage

Performances included singers, guitarists, jump-ropers and more. Even some of the staff members got in on the show with their own routine to the Bruno Mars song ‘Grenade.’

The show was a huge success and everyone in the room had a great time-even those who chose to stay in the audience had fun cheering on their friends.

After the morning assembly, campers continued to show off their talents throughout the day. Rockin’ Rhythm camp displayed their percussion skills with a concert in the afternoon, and a group of piano beginners hosted a packed house too. That camp even ended the show with a ‘rock band battle’ where two groups played different songs- one a rock classic, ‘Smoke on the Water’ and another an original tune.

From singing and dancing to solving a Rubik’s cube, we saw a wide range of talented campers show off on Friday. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

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