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Summer Programs at Cary Academy provides innovative full day programs that promote learning in a safe, friendly and fun environment. Our talented program experts have designed programs that will nurture the inquisitive mind throughout the summer.  All programs are open to the public. 

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1500 N. Harrison Ave.
Cary, NC 27513

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Letter from the Director

Join us for our most exciting summer yet! We are thrilled to be a destination for your child’s summer learning experience.  Through the past 20 years of Summer Programs at Cary Academy, our program experts have provided transformative and enriching summer experiences for school-aged participants who have come to us from the across the Triangle, state, country and world.

We strive to thoughtfully listen to the wants and needs of our families and community, which is why the content and structure of our programs continues to change and evolve over time.  Most recently, we have heard clearly that participants want more time to explore, delve deeper into content areas, and learn in ways that are different than what has been offered previously.  For this reason, we have created a comprehensive four week program that encourages summer learners the opportunity to discover different paths that will journey far beyond the level and experiences of a beginner.  Each discovery path is specifically designed to allow multiple opportunities for learning over the course of a four week period during the month of July.  Although each of our summer programs is designed to be an amazing one week experience, we invite your child to consider joining us for multiple weeks as a way to extend and deepen their knowledge of one or more areas of interest.  We hope this new model will provide the opportunity for a deeper level of experiential learning while still preserving the important elements of a summer program, to make connections and have fun.

Many of you may have come to us looking for a traditional day camp or have children who are younger or older than those we serve in our Summer Programs.  With you in mind, we have continued our relationship with some of the Triangle’s premiere camp providers who deliver their own exceptional summer camp experiences.  You will find a list of those additional opportunities on our website at casummer.org  by looking under the Other Program Providers area of our website.

I hope you and your family enjoy exploring the discovery paths we have created for this summer and find something that makes you curious enough to join us.  With all the excitement and energy that comes with building something new, I look forward to the warm summer days when our state-of-the-art campus is filled with summer learners ready to learn.

Sheila S. Hall
Auxiliary and Summer Programs Director

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