In the Recording Studio

Tune up your instruments, warm up your voices and set the musician inside you free. Make music with others in a studio setting, collaborating your way to fresh beats and original sounds. Work with pros to cultivate your musical talents, conquer sheet music, and inspire through the art of songwriting.

Program Summary

Participants in all of our Recording Studio programs have exclusive access to the Cary Academy Musical Studios as they spend their week with experienced, professional musicians who enjoy sharing their passions and talent for music with learners of all abilities. All skill levels work in collaboration, practicing alongside one another in a fun and supportive environment. Of course, since no music week is complete without a chance to delight your friends and family by showing off all of your newly earned skill,s each group will cap off their time together with a Friday performance.

Set the musician inside you free.

Piano: Mastering 88 Keys

July 9 – 13 | 8:30am to 4pm

Are you ready to turn up the volume and start making the kind of music that impresses your friends? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to start mastering the 88 keys that will get you there. Open to all musical levels, this program is the place where beginners become players and players become performers. Using exclusive methods that encourage musical creativity, summer learners will be making their own tunes in no time, learning music in the same natural way that they learned language. While building keyboard confidence, musicians will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of playing and reading music, uncovering just what it takes to write a great song and gaining the experience necessary to play with a group. Most excitingly, budding we will practice those popular songs that we want to play and perform for family and friends. Beyond the piano notes, summer learners will also be challenged to explore and create with the thousands of sounds available on today’s digital keyboards.

For Rising Grades 4 to 6

Program Fee: $425

Meet Our Experts
Tom Hutchison 

Guitar: Strum and Shred

July 16 – 20 | 8:30am to 4pm

Playing guitar boosts your brain power, fine tunes your focus, and can take you to unexpected places. Plus, it’s just plain fun! Grab your guitar and get ready to jam out while learning in a non-traditional way that will have you strumming basic chords and playing favorite songs by ear before you know it. Whether you have been playing for a while or just got a first guitar, this summer program is a great place to explore and practice alongside others who share a passion for discovering more about the world of music. Together, musicians will transform their musical abilities, gain a knack for both right and left hand techniques, connect with rhythms, and learn how to read TAB and chord boxes. By applying the basic elements of music and focusing on melodies that are already familiar, summer learners will find it energizing to master what it takes to become someone who makes a guitar sing. Beyond the strings, musicians will awaken their inner songwriter and take music to the next level with the challenge of composing original songs and learning what it feels like to play in a group. Summer learners should bring their own guitar (electric or acoustic) or ask us about a loaner for the week.

For Rising Grades 4 to 6

Program Fee $425

Meet Our Experts
Denarius Thomas 

Rockin Rhythm and Percussion

July 23 – 27 | 8:30am to 4pm

Drummers Unite! Now’s your chance to make some noise. From newbies to experienced beat bugs, this program has something for everyone who walks around with rhythms inside them that just demand to be heard. Using a proven program that introduces percussion as the heartbeat of music, summer learners will use their problem solving and coordination skills all at once while working both solo and in groups to build the foundation needed for musical success. Let’s jump beat first into the world of percussion on a variety of traditional instruments and drum kits, practicing our way toward an understanding of drumming rudiments, pace, technique, and dynamics. Percussion teams will be challenged to get creative with sounds, rhythms, and movement as they make music together on original instruments of their own making. By playing solo and in drum circles, you will build the confidence needed to drive the band and create the groove. Capping off the week will be a speed drumming challenge to see who has the fastest roll and can get the most beats in one minute. Every percussionist has their own style and weeks like this are where they can find it.

For Rising Grades 4 to 6

Program Fee: $425

Meet Our Experts
Chris Visi 

Rock Band University

July 29 – August 3 | 8:30am to 4pm

Calling all musicians!! We’re forming a band and want you!  This is the perfect opportunity for keyboardists, drummers, guitar players, and vocalists of all experience levels to energize and encourage one another while they live out the dream of being part of a real rock band. Just like athletic teams play their best when guided by great coaching, young musicians can do the same with great musical direction. While learning to play together in a band, musicians will strengthen their abilities to arrange, orchestrate, improvise, step up for solos, sing vocal harmonies and use dynamics. Fun won’t be left out of the experience, because each band will have the creative freedom to brand their band. From the group’s name to its look and sound, each band member will be encouraged to express themselves in the way that their individual style guides them to. Most of all, musicians will work toward understanding what it takes to work as a harmonic team, where everyone shares their talents and the spotlight in ways that benefit the whole band.

For Rising Grades 7 to 9

Program Fee: $425

Meet Our Experts
Tom Hutchison 


"Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It's transporting for sure. If can take you right back, it's uplifting, it's encouraging, it's strengthening."

Aretha Franklin
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