Summer Quest staff have been looking forward to seeing Captured all week. No, it’s not a new movie coming to theaters, it’s the original musical created by My Very Own Musical camp! Captured debuted today and we were lucky enough to get a front row (okay, third row) seat. In case you missed it, here is the synopsis.

Evy trapped by the carnivorous flowers

Captured is the story of Evy, an adventurous young girl who stumbles upon a junkyard while exploring with her bunny friend, Bouncers. Unfortunately, the monsters who live in the junkyard imprison Evy in their jail cell and it is up to Bouncers to rescue her. The bunny recruits Evy’s mom and aunt, who are witches, and use their powers to free the prisoner. Using a little magic, they turn the junkyard into a meadow with the hope that a similar crisis can be avoided in the future. However, Evy is captured again one year later, this time by carnivorous flowers that live in the meadow. Evy’s mom, aunt and bunny come to the rescue again and the whole cast celebrates in a final upbeat dance number.

The entirely camper-designed set of Captured!

Not only was the entire performance phenomenal, but the audience was surprised to hear that campers were responsible for every aspect of the show, including writing the script, costumes, set design and we can hardly wait to see these future stars on Broadway one day!


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