During lunch care today, staff member Aimee picked up the microphone and said there would be no outside activities or board games after everyone ate. A chorus of “whaaat?!”s filled the room as campers wondered what they’d be doing from 12:30-1:00. The disappointment didn’t last long, though, after Aimee announced we had a special surprise planned!

At 12:30, campers filed into the Fitness Center and were excited to find our friends from White Tiger Taekwondo in Cary performing an exclusive show for us! All distress over missing Monopoly for one day was soon forgotten as campers watched the performers do kicks, jumps and even a flip or two! The audience’s favorite trick seemed to be the classic break-a-wooden-board… but the folks at White Tiger kept it interesting by incorporating routines and daredevil stunts! The demonstration culminated with some freestyle dance time and a standing ovation from the audience.

Our campers loved watching the difficult skills and were even fortunate enough to see a couple of their peers, Olivia and Dawson, performing in the show. Special thanks to White Tiger Taekwondo for today’s memorable lunch care- it will be tough to top tomorrow!

[slickr-Flickr tag=”White Tiger Demo”]

To learn more about White Tiger Taekwondo, please visit their website!

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