Behind every hit song is a producer, editing tracks and altering audio. One group of campers spent the week learning those skills, and creating their own original music. Some had some experience putting together a song, and some were brand new to the experience.

Using the Noteflight program to write music

Music Producer camp started the week getting familiar with several different programs used to create music. Producers created accounts on Soundcloud, Garage Band, Digital Audio Workstation and more. They all allow the user to create and edit music using a variety of tools. Plus, when the piece is finished, it’s easy to share the file with listeners.

After learning the programs, producers got to work. They took on a series of roles in the music world, including artist and audio engineer. Many made use of ready-made audio loops like a drum beat or piano melody, layering the sounds to make their own song.

Showing the finished product at Friday’s music release party

The week wrapped up with a music release party, where producers could share what they’d been working on. Some focused on just one song, while others had several posted to their online portfolio.

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