Cary Summer Camp How Do We Do It

Behind the Scenes:  Cary Summer Camp Planning

Bridget steps up the ladder with a yard stick and meticulously starts drawing out the grid on our giant whiteboard wall.  Planning the best Cary summer camp takes a lot of work.

  • 6 weeks of Cary Summer Camp
    • June 13th – July 25th with the 4th of July week off
  • 4 different grade ranges.
    • Rising 2nd – 3rd grade, Rising 4th – 5th grade, Rising 6th – 8th grade, Rising 9th – 12th grade
  • 6 different categories.
    • Creative and Performing Arts, Sports and Wellness, Culinary and Cultural, Science and Technology, Scholar Studies, and Adventure
  • 3 camp formats.
    • Half Day Morning, Half Day Afternoon, and Full Day

Her intricate grid starts to take shape.

Then we add in notes and color coded dots.

  • Some camps will take field trips and need buses.
  • Some camps  will need computers.
  • Some camps can only be certain weeks.
  • Some camps have the same instructor and can’t be at the same time.
  • Some camps need specialized locations on campus, and can’t be double booked.

Weather, camper trends, and most importantly, camp content are all considered.  Carefully, one camp at a time, our team places each camp on a sticky note on our giant grid.

We ask ourselves questions like:

  • What age do kids need help learning typing?
  • What grades would enjoy a Barbie Dream House Architecture Camp?
  • What is the latest version of Lego Robots?
  • Will it be too hot for this camp in July?
  • Does the camper who takes Internal Combustion Engines in the morning have something he or she would enjoy in the afternoon?

Summer Programs at Cary Academy has evolved from offering 43 camps our first summer, to offering over 200 different camps and programs this summer.  Our planning is more intricate every year.  The one thing that matters most to us?  That we have a way for every camper to love their summer.

Find the Cary Academy Summer Programs Camp  that is perfect for your camper.


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