Each Winter we put high school students through a competitive application interview, and selection process to become one of our Cary Academy Summer Volunteers for the Summer Programs Leaders in Training program.  Our Leaders in Training have to be 14 years old and demonstrate strong character, leadership skills, and a love for working with children.  All of our Leaders in Training are Red Cross Certified, and go through several training events to prepare for their summer responsibilities.  Throughout the camp day they can be seen welcoming campers to campus during drop-off, playing games in before care, assisting in camps, being full of camp spirit in assembly, and overall making our camp a safer, happier place.  This summer we had 15 amazing Leaders in Training (Margaret, Ben, Chapman, Ava, Luke, Naomi, Elizabeth, Punith, Emma, Davis, Oonagh, Matt, Kiran, Ian, and Alex) who together completed a whopping 1,876 hours of volunteer service.  Our two standout stars were Margaret (198 hours!) and Ben (179.25 hours!) who worked nearly full-time to make this summer the Best. Summer. Ever.

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