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Thank you for choosing Summer Programs at Cary Academy as the destination for your child’s summer learning experiences. For over twenty years, parents have trusted our Summer Programs team to provide a fun, safe, and healthy summer learning environment for children from the surrounding area. We are grateful and honored to have helped shape the next generation of artists, actors and producers, culinary chefs, engineers, veterinarians, programmers and more. It has been a pleasure to serve your family.

At this time, with the proliferation of many wonderful summer programming opportunities elsewhere in the community, Cary Academy has decided to sunset its Summer Programs.

Over the years, we have developed successful partnerships with many other youth-serving organizations in the community. We hope you will consider summer programming with some of these other organizations for your child this coming summer. 

Summer @ Cary Academy

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Discovery Paths

Summer is the time for new experiences and opportunities to introduce learners to new, exciting and different paths of possibilities. Discovery paths are designed to delve deeper into areas of interest each week and provide an opportunity to learn more through the summer.

In the Design Studio

Strengthen writing skills. Discover the art of Anime and cartooning. Inspire through story telling. Imagine and draw. Design digitally and print in 3D.

At the Potter's Wheel

Transform clay to art.  Build and shape at the pottery wheel.  Inspire your creative side.  Learn from an artist.

In the Professional Kitchen

Experiment with baking.  Develop cooking skills.  Collaborate with professional chefs.  Explore new flavors.

In the Shark Tank

Conceptualize a start-up.  Formalize a business plan.  Pitch an idea.  Plan for success.  Be an entrepreneur.

On Stage & Behind the Lens

Dream in character. Explore the theatre. Make and produce a film. Write a script. Discover the craft of acting.

In the Recording Studio

Compose a story with music. Perform with a band. Strum a guitar. Learn the 88 keys of a piano. Find your rhythm with drums. Unleash your inner rock star.

Partner Program Providers

Cary Academy has opened its campus to a continued relationship with some of the Triangle’s premier camp providers, delivering exceptional programs and creating a fun summer learning experience for participants from rising grades 2. 

Registration for these programs must be completed through each partner program website.


Offering a unique opportunity to explore and expand their intellectual world through logic thinking, designing and building electronic devices and programming computers and virtual robots.

Mad Science

Learning about science through interactive and hands-on science activities. Children become junior scientists for the summer and embark on a series of science adventures.


Providing students with exciting, high-tech, hands-on activities designed to stimulate their interest in science, technology, and engineering.

Have Questions?

Contact us with any questions or inquiries. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about any of our summer programs.

“Our daughter loved it! We have been extremely happy with the summer programs.” Sherry

“Our son had a wonderful time, he learned so much and made a lot of new friends.” Leslie

“Great summer program for our children, with a super staff and great instructors!” Matthew

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